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L – Shaped Seals & Gaskets

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We are manufacturers and fabricators of L Shaped extruded silicone rubber gaskets, trims, seals and strips. Our L gaskets are made from high quality silicone material and available in many different sizes, shapes and profiles. We provide L seals in wide variety of colors and shapes based on your requirement. Our extruded silicone rubber products are made of high quality silicone rubber that is able to sustain extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Silicone is also compatible for outdoor use and can work with many chemicals without any reaction. In all rubber compounds, silicone is most durable material and hence we recommend it to most of our customers.


Our quality control team is highly motivated to improve your product’s quality. We ensure for dimensional accuracy and material accuracy based on your order and manufacturing requirements. 20+ years of silicone rubber extrusion experience helps us to manufacture any extruded shape and size of silicone rubber. Our largest tooling portfolio and advanced manufacturing procedures made us fastest manufacturer in the industry. To make sure you receive your products on time, we developed our supply chain management for optimum efficiency and hence we became capable of making product delivery before deadlines every time.


Our L shaped silicone gaskets, seals, strips and weather strips are available in many other materials like food grade silicone rubber, FDA compliant rubber, platinum-cured silicone, medical purpose and pharmaceutical seal and gaskets. Let us know your unique purpose and we can modify our material to meet your standards. 

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Our ability is not limited to these designs. We manufacture many different custom designed silicone extrusions. Contact us to discuss your unique design.


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