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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the advantages of silicone?
      – Silicone Rubber is suitable for high and low temperature. Some Special high temperature silicone rubber compound is formulated to withstand intermittent spikes of 525° F temperature application. Aside from temperature resistance and inherent high flexibility, this silicone rubber has an excellent resistance to water, good electrical insulation properties and inert compounds to resist fungus and mold growth. Exceptional electrical, moisture and chemical resistance, extremely stable and suitable for using with many acids and alkalis. Retains high flexibility. It’s flammability is low and produced less smoke when burned. It is also resistant to Ozone, UV and corona Discharge.


    1. Can I use silicone parts under extreme weather and temperature conditions?
      – Yes, as stated above, silicone Rubber is suitable for working at a big range of temperature. You can use it from -80°F (-62°C) to 450°F (232°C) at intermittent use.


    1. Is silicone toxic and harmful ? Can we use it with food and beverages?
      – No, Silicone Rubber is not harmful or toxic. You can certainly use it with food and and beverages. Just makes sure you inform us while ordering that you want food grade Silicone Rubber.


    1. What kind of silicone Rubber parts can be manufactured by your firm?
      – Range is quite wide. We can manufacture any possible extruded profiles, shapes with custom or standard dimensions. We can utilize customer’s existing drawing or completely new designs and even help our client to explore new solutions and improvement in their existing design.


    1. What are the color choice of silicone Rubber parts can you supply?
      – Based on your quantity requirement, we can manufacture any given colored silicone Rubber parts with high accuracy.


    1. How can I estimate quotation of the product?
      – Simply, just give us a call, email or fill out contact us form on our website with all your design or application requirements. We will give you ballpark quotation as soon as possible.


    1. Can you manufacture silicone Rubber Products with special requirements?
      – Yes. Simolex Rubber Corporation can manufacture Silicone Rubber Products from Transparent silicone, Conductive silicone, UL, ZZ-R-765 superseded by A-A-59588 Silicone specification, Food grade silicone Rubber conform to FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2600,3A Sanitary, NSF Standard-51, USP CL-VI compliant Silicone Rubber.


    1. Can you provide quick sample products?
      – Yes. As a turnkey custom manufacturer, we can help to simplify your processes and save time and money. We can deliver everything you need., we can manufacture Silicone Rubber Products very quickly.


    1. What is estimated manufacturing and delivery time?
      – It all depends on your order quantity and design. We usually ship within one to 4 weeks but  it would be great if you call us to confirm estimated manufacturing and shipping time.


    1. What payment methods do you accept?
      – We accept all major credit cards. We also honor ACH or Wire Transfer Payment.