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Our Services

We are a custom manufacturer of extruded rubber products for diverse industries around the globe. We are serving thousands of customers in more than 70 countries worldwide. We have tooling portfolio of more than 10000+ extruded silicone profiles in many shapes and sizes. We are highly specialized of extruded silicone rubber products.

Some of our core business services are :

  • Standard silicone rubber tubing products in metric, english and custom size
    – We manufacture and supply all the standard silicone rubber tubing in all the size and color you require. Our standard and custom tubing are available of food grace silicone, surgical, medical and pharmaceutical purposes. We give our special attention on cleanliness and material purity when it come to FDA listed or surgical products.
  • Custom silicone rubber extrusion
    – We are capable of manufacturing any custom size and shape of silicone extrusion. Our highly qualified engineering team is capable of manufacturing any design your provide at most reliable cost in the market. We manufacture and supply any custom gaskets, seals or weather strips at most affordable cost. 
  • Product selection
    – Selection of perfect product for your application is not an easy decision. We help our customers to decide which simolex rubber product is right for their purpose and why. Our friendly customer service is available during business hours to help you choose right product that fits your budget and purpose.
  • Design assistance
    You know that you require an extruded gasket or an extruded seal. But are you confused on what design to choose from availability of thousands? We are here to solve your confusion. We will help you to choose best design for your unique purpose.
  • Material selection
    – Selection of material is most important step in whole process. If you don’t know exactly which material to choose, give us a call and let us know what is the basic use of product with details of environment your are going to use your product in. We will help you to choose best material that suits your purpose and fits in your budget.
  • Tooling and fixture design
    – We are working in custom extrusion industry and we know that it requires a lot of tooling and fixture design work to manufacture high performance, long lasting products. We develop new tools almost every day for our existing and new customers to keep up with their design demands. Our dedicated tooling designs and development team is capable of crafting any extruded design at highest possible accuracy. 
  • Special secondary fabrications like cutting, punching, splicing etc.
    – Yes, our engineering and manufacturing department provides many secondary fabrication processes like cutting, punching and splicing etc. Let us know exactly which value added manufacturing service you are looking for and we will try our best to fulfill your requirements.