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Manufacturer of Extruded Silicone Rubber Gaskets & Seals – Simolex

Simolex Rubber Corporation was established in 1995. Our 20 years of manufacturing and customer support experience is one of the key factors that makes us different and better from others. Our engineers and certified workers are well trained to solve your problems by providing high quality products with on time delivery. Our 20 years of track record proves how well we are doing in this industry and why we are the first choice of our customers. Our custom silicone extruded profiles are used by thousands of customers worldwide.


We are a manufacturers and fabricators of custom extruded silicone rubber profiles such as gaskets, seals and strips. Our extruded rubber products includes; silicone tubing, rubber hose, platinum cured silicone tubing, fluorosilicone tubing, silicone rubber cord, conductive silicone rubber tubing, rubber extrusion, extruded rubber profiles, extruded gaskets, P-strips, D-strips, E-strips, conductive silicone extrusion, conductive rubber tubing, silicone vacuum hose, rubber U-channel, bulb seals, lip seals, hollow O-rings, tubular O-rings, extruded and spliced gaskets, etc. We are also manufacturers and fabricators of food grade silicone tubing, surgical / medical purpose tubing and pharmaceutical tubing. In house mixing and tooling allows us to offer the fastest turn around and delivery flexibility. We have various formulation to meet UL, ZZ-R-765 superseded by A-A-59588 Silicone specification, Food grade silicone Rubber conform to FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2600, USDA, 3A Sanitary, NSF Standard-51, USP CL-VI, Military and Industrial /Commercial requirements compliant silicone rubber.


We are not just a manufacturer, we helped hundreds of customers to define their requirements and provided efficient design related help to solve their problems. We truly listen to your problems and provide cost effective solutions whenever needed.


Our Quality Silicone Products
Bulb Seal Extruded silicone rubber Seal
Bulb Seals & Gaskets

We are manufacturers of high quality silicone rubber bulb seals, gaskets, door seals & bulb seal weatherstripping of different materials like food grade (FDA).

bullet shaped Extruded silicone rubber
Bullet Shaped Seals

Manufacturers of bullet shaped silicone rubber seals, gaskets and strips of all designs. Extruded rubber products available in food grade(FDA) material.

Conductive Silicone Rubber Tube
Conductive Silicone Products

We are manufacturers of high quality conductive silicone rubber tubing. Conductive silicone rubber is available in many different size and shape upon request.

D shaped Extruded silicone products
D – Shaped Seals & Gaskets

We are manufacturers of D shaped silicone rubber gasket, weatherstripping. Our D shaped silicone rubber seals and strips are well known for their quality.

Double Bulb Silicone Rubber Gasket
Double Bulb Seals

Manufacturers of double bulb seals from high quality silicone rubber. Double bulb seals are available in wide verity of size, shape and colors. Cheapest price.

E shaped Extruded Silicone Rubber
E – Shaped Seals & Gaskets

We are manufacturers and suppliers of E shaped silicone rubber seal, strips, gaskets, weatherstrips. We provide E shaped silicone rubber in custom size & color.

FDA approved silicone rubber tubing and extrusion-1
Food Grade Products

We are manufacturers of Food Grade, FDA approved silicone rubber gaskets, seals, tubing to use in commercial ovens, water purification tubing, dairy fluid handling.

H Shaped Extruded Silicone Strip
H – Shaped Silicone Gaskets

H – shaped silicone rubber strips, seals and different kind of extrusion profile manufacturer. We guaranty best quality with reliable price and on time delivery.

Hatch Gasket, marine gasket, watertight seal
Hatch Seals -Marine Gaskets -Hatch Cover Rubber Packing

Simolex Rubber Corporation manufacture Hatch Packing for cargo cover and access door for many vessels including: Naval Ships, Cruise Ships, Ferry Lines and Oil, Gas and Chemical Tankers. Hatch packing is used for watertight door, skylights, ullage plugs and other comparable marine applications.

Hollow O ring Rubber
Hollow O-Rings | Hollow Cord | Hollow O-Core

Simolex Rubber Corporation offers premium quality Extruded and Spliced Hollow O-rings. Our Hollow O-rings, Hollow O-Cord are available in FDA-approved, USP CL-VI, NSF STD-51 grade materials.

J shaped Extruded Silicone Product
J – Shaped Silicone Seals

We are manufacturers of J shaped silicone rubber gaskets, extruded seals, weather strips and many other extruded silicone rubber profiles.

L shaped Extruded Silicone Rubber
L – Shaped Seals & Gaskets

Manufacturers & suppliers of L shaped extruded silicone rubber seals, strips, trims, gaskets & weatherstrips. They are available in many custom colors & designs.

Silicone Rubber Lip Seal Gasket
Lip Seal Extrusion

We are manufacturers of silicone rubber lip seals of all different size, shape and color. Silicone edge seal, silicone trim seals and lip seal manufacturer.

P shaped silicone extruded Gasket & Seal
P Shaped Seals & Gaskets

We are manufacturers of extruded rubber p strips, p seals, p shape, p shaped door, gaskets extrusions, p shape weather stripping, p section seals of various sizes.

Platinum cured silicone tubing
Platinum Cured Products

Manufacturer of high quality platinum cured silicone products for surgical and medical purpose. Platinum cured tubing, gasket, seals and strips are available.

Quad Shape Silicone Gasket, Seals, Strips
Quad Shaped Seals

We are manufacturers of quad shaped extruded silicone rubber products like quad shaped silicone gasket, seals, strips and other high quality extruded products.

Rectangular shaped Silicone Extrusion
Rectangular Shaped Strips

Manufacturer of rectangular shaped extruded silicone rubber hollow/solid cords, seals, gaskets & weatherstrips with wide range of different profiles & color

Silicone rubber Cords
Silicone Rubber Cords

Manufacturer of silicone rubber cords and strips. Quality extruded rubber cords are available in many shape like square cord, round cord, oval shaped cord.

Silicone Rubber Tubing - Extruded Tubing
Silicone Rubber Tubing

We are manufacturers & suppliers of high quality silicone rubber tubing of all size, shape and color. Food & beverage tubing, chemical resistant tubing.

Spliced Silicone Products
Spliced Extrusion Products

Manufacturing wide variety of extruded & spliced silicone rubber products from variety of different silicone compound. Food grade (FDA approved) available.

Square Shaped Silicone Extrusion Gasket
Square Shaped Extrusion

We are manufacturers of square shaped silicone cords with extensive range of different profiles and color. Square shaped seals, gaskets and strips available.

Medical and Surgical silicone tubing
Surgical Silicone Tubing

High quality surgical tubing and medical grade silicone tubing. We are manufacturers of wide variety of silicone tubes for pharmaceutical requirements.

T shaped Silicone Gaskets and Seals
T Shaped Extruded Rubber Seals

We are a manufacturer of T shaped extruded silicone rubber seals, strips, gaskets, weather strips and Trim of many different sizes and colors.

Tadpole Shaped Extruded Silicone Rubber Products
Tadpole Shaped Gaskets

We are manufacturers of tadpole shaped extruded silicone rubber seals, gaskets, strips and weather strips. We also manufacture them in many colors and designs.

Trapezoid Shape Silicone Extruded Gasket
Trapezoid Shaped Seals

We are manufacturers of trapezoid shaped extruded silicone rubber profiles, seals, cords, gaskets and strips. It’s available in many different size & shapes.

Triangle Shaped Extruded Silicone Profile
Triangle Shaped Seals

We are manufacturers of triangle shaped hollow and solid silicone profiles, cords, seals, gaskets and weatherstrips. High quality silicone extrusion products.

U channel Silicone Gasket and seals
U Channel Silicone Extrusion

We are manufacturers of U channel silicone rubber extruded strips, seals & gaskets. Highly durable, quality silicone U channel strips in different shape & size.

V shaped Silicone Rubber Gasket , Seals
V – Shaped Seals & Gaskets

We are manufacturers of V-Shaped silicone rubber products like V shaped silicone gasket, seals, rubber strips, weatherstrips and V shaped silicone profiles.

Weatherstripping, Door Gasket, Window Gazing
Weather Stripping

We are a manufacturer of weatherstripping, garage door seals and window glazing. We manufacture a vast variety of weatherstrips and door seals of different shape.

Wing Bumper Silicone Rubber Gaskets and Seals
Wing Bumper Extrusion

Wing bumper shaped extruded silicone profiles are available of every size and color. We can manufacture and design wing bumper based on your applications.

Y shaped Silicone Rubber gaskets
Y – Shaped Rubber Seals

We are manufacturers of Y shaped silicone rubber profiles, extruded strips and Y shaped silicone seals. We can provide it in various shape, size and color.