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Square Shaped Extrusion

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We are manufacturers and fabricators of hollow and solid, square shaped silicone rubber strips, cords, seals and gaskets. We are a manufacturer of all kind of custom square profiles based on your order. We have wide range of die and tooling which makes us capable of manufacturing more than 10,000 different silicone rubber profiles. Our silicone rubber specialist can develop silicone based on your application requirements which is capable of sustaining extremely high and extremely low temperature. We give our full attention to size and tolerance so, you always receive best in class product with high quality.


Our square shaped silicone cords are capable of sustaining high temperature and most of the chemical reactions. We are able to deliver conductive and semi-conductive silicone square profiles for your unique applications. If you are willing to use our products in contact with food and beverage, please let us know about it, so we can provide products made with high quality food grade silicone. 


Feel free to contact us for any kind of custom or standard square silicone cord or strip by calling us or filling the form given below. OR, just call us at (734) 453-4500 and discuss your design requirements.

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