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T Shaped Extruded Rubber Seals

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We are a manufacturer and fabricator of Extruded T shape silicone rubber seal, T shaped rubber gasket, T shaped rubber trim and T shape weatherstripping. We also manufacture special hollow and solid mushroom shaped or hat shaped silicone rubber gasket extrusions. Our products are made with high quality, durable silicone rubber. We provide extruded silicone products in many shapes, sizes, hardness and color based on your requirements.

We manufacture many different shapes and sizes of T shaped silicone seals and gaskets. We have  tooling portfolio of more than 10,000 which helps us to manufacture any possible custom shapes and sizes.

Our 20+ years of experience help us to understand your product requirements clearly and maintain quality of your products. Our engineers are determined to manufacture your design as perfect as possible with highest precision in the industry.


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