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Platinum Cured Products

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We are manufacturers & suppliers of platinum cured silicone rubber products of many different shapes and sizes. Our platinum cured silicone tubing is famous for it’s purity and perfection. We manufacture many different extruded shapes and sizes of platinum cured silicone. Our highly skilled engineering team is capable of manufacturing silicone tubing from many different kind of silicone rubber materials that can sustain different conditions. Silicone rubber tubing is better in quality, strength and durability in many ways than it’s competing materials. Platinum cured silicone makes it more pure, translucent, bio-medically useful for surgical and pharmaceutical uses.


Platinum cured silicone rubber is famous for it’s cleanliness, purity, strength and high temperature sustainability. Platinum cured silicone products can be made to sustain extreme temperatures ranging from -100° F to 400° F in working conditions. It’s way more clear and transparent than peroxide-cured silicone products and this is the reason why we recommend platinum-cured silicone tubing over peroxide-cured products. Platinum cured silicone tubing resists ozone, radiation, moisture, compression sets, weathering and chemical reaction. It imparts no odors to fluids transported within it. platinum-cured silicone tubing withstands repeated autoclaving and sterilization methods and resists the adherence of blood products and other sanitary fluids. It’s hence very useful for pharmaceutical, biotech, peristaltic pumping, and food applications.


 Platinum cured silicone tubing is the way to go if you are looking for high quality pure tubing that can be used with food and for medical purposes. It is non toxic, ultra pure and odor free and that makes it best suitable for surgical use. Surgical tubing are manufactured in highly maintained ultra clean room to maintain it’s purity for medical purposes. We take extra precautions while checking it for quality and suitability.


Simolex rubber corporation’s 20+ years of experience in manufacturing and supplying platinum-cured silicone products makes us leading in our industry. 100’s of leading medical and pharmaceutical organizations are buying products from us because of high quality products and support that we provide. Our on time delivery every time, made them to choose us as a permanent manufacturer and supplier to fulfill their product demand.


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