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Spliced Extrusion Products

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Simolex Rubber Corporation manufactures wide variety of extruded & spliced rubber products from variety of different rubber compound that are approved by UL, 3A Sanitary 18-03, NSF STD-51, USP CL-VI and FDA 21 CFR177.2600.


Spliced silicone rubber products are available in every different size and shape. We also, provide manufacturing facility for custom designs. We also manufactures vulcanized silicone O-rings and we guarantee their joints are as smooth as molded parts.


Wondering why you should choose simolex as your primary silicone rubber manufacturer? Here are some advantages. 


Advantages of Our Spliced Products:

  • We can make gaskets, O-rings, seals from solid or hollow rubber extrusion  profiles.
  • No tooling required for standard ID/OD O-Rings cord and hence surface finish is highest in our products.
  • We can make O-rings in virtually any diameter.
  • Our hollow cross section O-rings requires less closure force.
  • Our hollow O-rings, gaskets, seals can be used in non standard groove or grooves  with  irregularity.
  • We deliver every product on time, so you can always deliver your customers on time. 
  • We understands your business requirements.
  • We provide products at competitive price. You can expect best value for your money in the market.
  • We are flexible and helpful enough to solve every kind of design and manufacturing problems of yours.

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