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Trapezoid Shaped Seals

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We are manufacturers and fabricators of trapezoid shaped silicone rubber extruded profiles. Our trapezoid shaped silicone rubber seals, strips, gaskets and cords are available in many different size and color. We also help our customers by manufacturing custom designs based on their needs. We are capable of manufacturing extruded silicone profiles having difficult curves and shapes. Our 20+ years of silicone extrusion experience helped us to archive 5000+ tools of different size and shape which helps us to instantly craft any design of your choice.


Our trapezoid shaped extruded silicone rubber products are made with high quality silicone material. Silicone is capable of sustaining extremely high and extremely low temperature in working condition. We are capable of providing trapezoid shape of any width and height of your choice.


Your products are manufactured and fabricated in supervision of highly qualifies engineers and quality control team so that you always receive high quality products. Our capability of manufacturing any shape and size at any given time makes us unique in our industry. We deliver our products on time so you never miss your schedule.


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