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Hollow O-rings

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Simolex Rubber Corporation will manufacture silicone O rings from a drawing, print or sample. We can manufacture to meet a custom or standard style gasket, seal, or O-ring.

We are Manufacturing Wide variety of Silicone O-Rings

Simolex Rubber Corporation manufactures a large variety of vulcanized silicone O-rings, from silicone cords, silicone tubing, silicone square/rectangular, and from custom extruded gaskets. And variety of different rubber compound that are approved by UL, ASTM 2000, NSF STD-51, USP CL-VI and FDA 21 CFR177.2600. Available hardness from 20 shore A up to 80 shore A. They are fabricated with a unique vulcanizing technique which makes the joints as smooth as molded parts. We can also join hollow cross sections in a way that the joint has the same compressibility as the length of the gasket.

Simolex Rubber Corporation will manufacture the highest quality gasket, seal or O-ring by offering: in-house die tool building, rubber formulating, extruding and splicing, die cutting, water-jet cutting, fabricating, machining.

Applications of Silicone O Rings:

Electronic Equipment Transit Cases
• Automotive Applications
• Handheld Electronics & Communication Devices

• Semiconductor Applications
• Non-Standard O-rings & Hollow O-rings with I.D.’s greater than 2.500”
• Outdoor Electronics & Communications Enclosures

• Power Generation Plants
• Low-closure Force Sealing Requirements

Advantage of Silicone O rings:

We are offering products made from high quality silicone material. Which is capable of sustaining as low temperature as -104° F and as high as 450° F continuously. Silicone is UV resistant which makes it ultra stable and durable.

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Visit this link to access O-ring cut length calculator.

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